Daily Scripture Cards - Why?

The purpose of this site is very simple--to have a place where any one can come and print his/her own scripture cards to use for meditation, memorization or as a gift to others.  This simple idea actually budded about a week before my 2005 high school class reunion.  I wanted to do something for my classmates.  The idea to share some of my favorite scriptures on cards with each of my classmates emerged during a prayer time about a week before the reunion.  Thus, each classmate received a set of about 30 scripture cards, printed on card stock and placed with a note into an envelope.  Later, more cards were printed and shared with others.  After much positive feed back, I had a deep desire to give this gift to as many people as possible in a way that each person could give the cards to as many people as they choose; their recipients could do likewise. And so this idea was born.  It is our prayer and desire that you will freely use this free gift of God's word to bless many people as often as you like.

Bertie Boney

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